Monday, February 11, 2008

Koigu Gloves

Working on the ring fingers.
Trying on to check fit.
Not so many ends to weave in...
Just in time for the rest of Winter:
Knitter: Rebecca
Yarn and Needles: Koigu Sock yarn (KPPPM), 2 sks, #2.0 mm Inox 24" circulars, 2 of 'em.
Finding a pattern was problematic. Have you ever noticed how chunky knit gloves look in the pattern photos? I wanted 'refined' gloves, densely knit at a fine gauge and that meant (to me) sock yarn and size 'tiny' needles. There were no patterns with this criteria in our shared library of knitting books, although I came closest with one from VK's little book on mittens and gloves. I just had to revise it from double-points to 2 circulars and I also included the beaded picot cuff, using 32 #8 seed beads per glove. The pattern had a goofy kitchenered end to each finger/thumb which, after working, looked (as I said) goofy, so I changed it to the less obtrusive "break yarn and with a chibi, run yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight; weave in ends." That worked nicely.
Project Notes: Began knitting December 16th, 2007 and finished January 27th, 2008. The Koigu was stash yarn and I used less than two balls, so if you have two balls (which we all know are not enough for socks with a long leg or foot) you can actually knit a pair of gloves with a fairly long arm. On the next pair I will go up one needle size for the fingers/thumb as they are just a tad too tight. The rest is perfect. My first gloves. I like them!


PatB said...

They look sooo sexy.

Anonymous said...

Very did a beautiful job!


Ryan said...

Beautiful! I especially like the last photo--very elegant.

Linda 'K' said...

Whadja cast on, eh? Very very pretty! Was that Koigu originally mine? If so, can I have it back now? People knit such cool stuff from my ex-stash but they never give it back. Poor me....