Monday, June 11, 2007

California Lilacs

This thing can't be pruned often enough.
It started out as two very small plants four years ago
and is now taking far more of its alloted space.
It must be time for...du du du...
The Chain Saw of My Heart!
Full bloom honey bee heaven.
Bee with huge saddlebags of pollen.
Blue snow.


Anonymous said...

Ed Hume used to say it was really hard to get blue into the garden...

Naomi said...

Yay! A post - I've missed you!

Linda "K" said...

It appears old Ed was waaay wrong! I have personally parked next to bee heaven - aka the blue bush - and those guys are workin' it over day and night. I'm starting to really get the "busy little bees" thing! The blue snow is cool too.

Naomi said...

I'm sorry to do this to you but in the same breath, you've been memed!

Go to my blog and read the 7 random things about me and what you need to do!

Don't kill me, ok?