Saturday, April 20, 2013

Car Spinning

On our way to the Whidbey Island Spin-In the first weekend of April, I tried Car Spinning.
The Hansen Electric Spinner has a car adapter,
 and there was plenty of room on the floor of the front passenger seat.
Peggy drove and I set it up.
There are two glove boxes and the upper one was perfect for holding excess fiber.
It was a short trip, less than two hours, so I didn't get a lot of spinning done.
The only problem seemed to be 'spinner error' ~ I kept allowing the fiber to break.
Trying to reset the system with a seat-belt on was awkward.
This is not very good Jacob fiber.  
Along with the vm, which is abundant, there is an amazing amount of kemp.  
Even though I have one full spool, I have to consider the wisdom of continuing the project.
So what if I end up with enough two-ply for a sweater?  Who wants to have all that kemp sticking out?
If you enbiggify* this photo, you can see the loads of kemp, those white wire-like bits.  

*Thanks to LindaK for this word.  Is it a Portmanteau or a Sniglet?

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Jody said...

That is a very pretty colour but if you are not enjoying spinning it then I would move on :-)
You are brave to attempt spinning in a moving vehicle. Unfortunately I have to look outside when in a car or I get motion like sickness and headaches!