Saturday, September 15, 2012

Edina Sushi w/ photos

On Monday, Labor Day, the Peggy's and I treated ourselves to another round at Edina Sushi, mostly because we were hungry but also because they were open, unlike the nail place around the corner, where we were going to go to get our nails done prior to dinner but had to put it off until Tuesday.

We took the camera and managed 'before' photos rather than 'after' this time.

We ordered the Sushi Tower; it's been outstanding each and every time.
Here's a close-up:
 The roll on the left is the Tropical Roll.  Mango and Crab.  SO GOOD!
 On the right we have the Vegas Roll, also very good.
These two were new to us and we were not disappointed.
 The ever popular (with us) Rainbow Roll, better and more interesting than the California.
 The ginger is fresh and yummy.  They'll bring you a big dish of it if you want more.
The staff is efficient and friendly, the very good Genmaicha tea is free.  yea.

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