Saturday, November 14, 2009

And so it begins

This was only last March 15th

And this was last night, November 13th.

Eerily familiar.


Linda 'K' said...

Wow, can't believe it! You're only about 15 minutes North of me... For some reason during an unexpected patch of sun yesterday I got a wild hair and put the little styrofoam snoods on our outside faucets. Then I wrapped them in wooly sweaters tied on with the arms of the sweaters - same sweaters every year. Man was it hard to detach the hoses from the faucets in the cold. Brrrr. I usually wait until it's almost to dark to see on a night when we finally get a prediction of 30's for the night and I'm out fiddling in the cold and dark. I'm SO proud...

PatB said...

Those are the joys of living in the Convergent Zone!