Thursday, October 08, 2009

Buddy Squirrel

gathered on campus of the
University of Washington
during the last week in September.

Offering to the Squirrel God
Considering the worthiness of the offering...
Tasting for poison...
This will do.
Real chestnuts are rare in Seattle. We found a tree in Canby on the Clackamas County Fairgrounds when we were there for OFFF, relatively exciting except that they weren't ripe enough for harvesting, darn it. Don't eat horse-chestnuts. They won't kill you but they don't taste good anyway so why bother? Bring them home for your squirrels.


Ryan said...

That's really why you gathered them? To feed the wildlife? You are my kind of girls!

Linda 'K' said...

There are two kinza people in the world, animal lovers, and non-animal lovers. You guys are the best!!!

Jody said...

I don't have any chestnuts around here so I feed my squirrels, bluejays and chippies plain ole peanuts and sunflower seeds. My chippies will sit on my lap and let me pet them while they stuff nuts into their cheeks.