Monday, July 06, 2009

The Dye Days of Summer

We had a couple of dye days the last two weekends.
Here are some of the colors we got.

Embe wanted to over-dye a very bright sock yarn.
It toned down quite nicely with a navy blue tint.
Kay's first two attempts at this dye thing went very well!
Pat threw some yarn in the color left from
another project with good results.

Peggy did some test colors on samples of CVM.
Natasha wanted to recreate this:
From this:
and got very close!
The Peggy's were over-dying brown yarns;
the one on the left could have been a bit orangier
but they both look lovely in the sun.
MaryEllin went for raspberry
and Peggy got a blue/pink combo ~ lovely.

ElK was doing some dry dyeing per Sandi:
The gorgeous eggplant result.
and FINALLY, the most amazing of the day,
Elaine and her space dyed project ~

Squirt on the dye:
Wrap both halves:

Microwave it for 3 minutes, let it dry in the sun
and compare with the inspiration:

That's an amazing dye job, Elaine.
Nicely done!

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kimber said...

Hey - that's some very pretty stuff! How fun!