Saturday, May 17, 2008

That's a whopper.

What Burger King shows as their Whopper:
What it really looks like:
The Real Outside.
The Real Inside.
The Real Fries.
It doesn't matter. It's all good. It's the best burger.


twinsetellen said...

A Whopper used to be our date meal of choice, oh, so many years ago. I discovered that if you have them leave off the burger (a veggie Whopper before they actually came out with one), IT TASTES ALMOST THE SAME! The extras are the fun part, I guess.

vanessa said...

ick, i'm a macdonald's girl ;-)

Carrie said...

Hahahaaa! I love this entry! I always compare the pictures with my food. I love the whopper junior. It tastes a little better than the big sandwich, I think because all the good stuff is tucked into a smaller space. Maybe it'll be drive-thru tonight =)

Naomi said...

Since it has been awhile since your last post...I'll give you a reason to blog...

You have been meme'd again! See my blog for details!

Oh, by the way Peggy - your cardiganized Fern is wonderful! Saw it on Rebecca a couple days ago!