Monday, September 17, 2007

The Socks of Summer

Including the 11 pair of Monkey Socks, we two knit a whole lotta socks this summer, 27 pair so far June through September and more on the needles. The following are knit from our own basic stockinette pattern with the proper number of stitches for the needles we like, dressed up with the picot beginning and most have beads.

Socks by Peggy

Dicentra Sock Yarn

Socks That Rock
Socks That Rock

Socks That Rock
January One
Socks That Rock
Ruby Slippers
Artful Ewe Sock Yarn
Tiny Baby Socks
Trekking XXL

Socks by Rebecca

Socks That Rock
Jewel of the Nile
finished on 06-11
Austermann Step

06-23 to 06-28
Dicentra Sock Yarn
07-11 to 07-29
I put a bead at the beginning of the gusset
Artful Ewe Sock Yarn
08-08 to 08-19
The sock blockers are from Blue Moon, purchased at Black Sheep.


maryb said...

You know, I thought I liked to knit socks, but you guys, well, you REALLY like to knit socks. The collection, all laid out here in photos is stupendous. Impressive. Awe-inspiring. I'm so thankful I've got a decent stash of sock yarn, 'cuz you'll be out getting more and may just buy it ALL!! EmBe

Naomi said...

I'm speechless! What? How is this possible????

They are all so pretty!

It brightens my day just seeing them all lined up like this!

If I need a cheer-me-up, I'll just come back and gaze at these!

Ryan said...

One of these days you should try knitting socks. You might be good at it. Go ahead, give it a try. ;-)

Lorette said...

That is some sock pile! Gorgeous! I love the picot plus beads. I need to try that.

marti said...

just goes to show, that knitting will get you through a whole lotta crap. the socks are beautiful!

Melinda said...

Wowza. That's alotta socks. Umm, if you get sick of knitting your own, I could use more too.

Annie said...

HOLY only have 2 feet! But, Man those are beautiful.

Linda "K" said...

What a "pair" of sock harlots you are - nark nark - I HADDA say it.

Ginger said...

"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crisis." Indeed!

Beautiful socks!

PatB said...

I feel like a piker. I haven't knit any socks this summer - even the ones I'm committed to, ya know? And I've only knit half of one sweater and just started another.

Carrie said...

Wow, gorgeous! That's one beautiful posting of socks.... I'm a slacker, and will pick up my sock needles forthwith. Hey, have you seen the gorgeous new sock needles in KnitPicks? Pretty...